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# nano 텍스트 에디터

운영체제 : Unix, Linux
라이센스 : GPL
사이트 :

vi 에디터보다 직관적인 인터페이스로 되어 있어 쉽게 사용할 수 있는 편집기.
pico와 비슷한 인터페이스

# 주요기능

* Ctrl + Key(단축키)를 이용한 편리성
* 다국어 지원을 위해서 유니코드(UTF-8)를 지원
* 컬러 하이라이팅 기능
* 방향키와 Home, End, PageUp, pageDown 등의 다양한 키 지원
* 자동 들여쓰기 : 프로그래밍의 코드블럭을 구분하기 위한 들여쓰기
* 파일 브라우징 : Ctrl+R 키를 이용하여 삽입할 새로운 파일을 읽어들이는 기능

[ ~]$ nano new_file.txt
사용자 삽입 이미지


키보드 명령 : Ctrl + G(Get Help)
  GNU nano 2.0.9                         File: new_file.txt                                               Modified 

Main nano help text

 The nano editor is designed to emulate the functionality and ease-of-use of the UW Pico text editor.  There are
 four main sections of the editor.  The top line shows the program version, the current filename being edited, and
 whether or not the file has been modified.  Next is the main editor window showing the file being edited.  The
 status line is the third line from the bottom and shows important messages.  The bottom two lines show the most
 commonly used shortcuts in the editor.

 The notation for shortcuts is as follows: Control-key sequences are notated with a caret (^) symbol and can be
 entered either by using the Control (Ctrl) key or pressing the Escape (Esc) key twice.  Escape-key sequences are
 notated with the Meta (M-) symbol and can be entered using either the Esc, Alt, or Meta key depending on your
 keyboard setup.  Also, pressing Esc twice and then typing a three-digit decimal number from 000 to 255 will enter
 the character with the corresponding value.  The following keystrokes are available in the main editor window.
 Alternative keys are shown in parentheses:

^G      (F1)            Display this help text
^X      (F2)            Close the current file buffer / Exit from nano
^O      (F3)            Write the current file to disk
^J      (F4)            Justify the current paragraph

^R      (F5)            Insert another file into the current one
^W      (F6)            Search for a string or a regular expression
^Y      (F7)            Move to the previous screen
^V      (F8)            Move to the next screen

^K      (F9)            Cut the current line and store it in the cutbuffer
^U      (F10)           Uncut from the cutbuffer into the current line
^C      (F11)           Display the position of the cursor
^T      (F12)           Invoke the spell checker, if available

^_      (F13)   (M-G)   Go to line and column number
^\      (F14)   (M-R)   Replace a string or a regular expression
^^      (F15)   (M-A)   Mark text at the cursor position
        (F16)   (M-W)   Repeat last search

M-^             (M-6)   Copy the current line and store it in the cutbuffer
M-}                     Indent the current line
M-{                     Unindent the current line

^F                      Move forward one character
^B                      Move back one character
^Space                  Move forward one word
M-Space                 Move back one word
^P                      Move to the previous line
^N                      Move to the next line

^A                      Move to the beginning of the current line
^E                      Move to the end of the current line
M-(             (M-9)   Move to the beginning of the current paragraph
M-)             (M-0)   Move to the end of the current paragraph
M-\             (M-|)   Move to the first line of the file
M-/             (M-?)   Move to the last line of the file

M-]                     Move to the matching bracket
M--             (M-_)   Scroll up one line without scrolling the cursor
M-+             (M-=)   Scroll down one line without scrolling the cursor

M-<             (M-,)   Switch to the previous file buffer
M->             (M-.)   Switch to the next file buffer

M-V                     Insert the next keystroke verbatim
^I                      Insert a tab at the cursor position
^M                      Insert a newline at the cursor position
^D                      Delete the character under the cursor
^H                      Delete the character to the left of the cursor
M-T                     Cut from the cursor position to the end of the file

M-J                     Justify the entire file
M-D                     Count the number of words, lines, and characters
^L                      Refresh (redraw) the current screen

M-X                     Help mode enable/disable
M-C                     Constant cursor position display enable/disable
M-O                     Use of one more line for editing enable/disable
M-S                     Smooth scrolling enable/disable
M-P                     Whitespace display enable/disable
M-Y                     Color syntax highlighting enable/disable

M-H                     Smart home key enable/disable
M-I                     Auto indent enable/disable
M-K                     Cut to end enable/disable
M-L                     Long line wrapping enable/disable
M-Q                     Conversion of typed tabs to spaces enable/disable

M-B                     Backup files enable/disable
M-F                     Multiple file buffers enable/disable
M-M                     Mouse support enable/disable
M-N                     No conversion from DOS/Mac format enable/disable
M-Z                     Suspension enable/disable

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