Hive 0.13 버전부터 ACID(Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability)를 지원 하고,
0.14 버전부터 Update, Delete를 포함한 DML을 지원하게 됨.

아래와 같이 hive-site.xml 설정을 변경 한후 Hive 세션을 다시 시작하면 DML 작업 진행 가능.
단, ORC 파일 형식의 테이블에서만 지원


Test Table Script
-- 테이블 생성
std_id INT,
std_name STRING,
age INT,
address STRING
CLUSTERED BY (address) into 3 buckets
STORED as ORC tblproperties('transactional'='true');

-- 샘플 데이터 입력
(102,'ANTO',18,'29 NATHAN HALE'),
(103,'PRABU',23,'34 henry road'),
(104,'KUMAR',24,'gandhi road'),
(105,'jack',35,'Modi street');

-- 조회
SELECT * FROM student;

-- 업데이트
UPDATE student SET std_id = 110 WHERE std_id = 105;

-- 삭제
DELETE FROM STUDENT where std_id=105;

Use transaction functionality with example.

Once you have installed and configured Hive , create simple table :

hive>create table testTable(id int,name string)row format delimited fields terminated by ',';
Then, try to insert few rowsin test table.
hive>insert into table testTable values (1,'row1'),(2,'row2');
Now try to delete records , you just inserted in table.
hive>delete from testTable where id = 1;
FAILED: SemanticException [Error 10294]: Attempt to do update or delete using transaction manager that does not support these operations.

By default transactions are configured to be off. It is been said that update is not supported with  the delete operation used in the conversion manager. To support update/delete , you must change following configuration.

        cd  $HIVE_HOME
        vi conf/hive-site.xml


Restart the service and then try delete command again :

FAILED: LockException [Error 10280]: Error communicating with the metastore.
There is problem with metastore. In order to use insert/update/delete operation, You need to change following configuration in conf/hive-site.xml as feature is currently in development.
Restart the service and then delete command again :
hive>delete from testTable where id = 1;
FAILED: SemanticException [Error 10297]: Attempt to do update or delete on table default.testTable that does not use an AcidOutputFormat or is not bucketed. 
Only ORC file format is supported in this first release.  The feature has been built such that transactions can be used by any storage format that can determine how updates or deletes apply to base records (basically, that has an explicit or implicit row id), but so far the integration work has only been done for ORC.

Tables must be bucketed to make use of these features.  Tables in the same system not using transactions and ACID do not need to be bucketed.

See below built table example with ORCFileformat, bucket enabled and ('transactional'='true').
hive>create table testTableNew(id int ,name string ) clustered by (id) into 2 buckets 
         stored as orc TBLPROPERTIES('transactional'='true');
Insert :
hive>insert into table testTableNew values (1,'row1'),(2,'row2'),(3,'row3');
Update :
hive>update testTableNew set name = 'updateRow2' where id = 2;
Delete :
hive>delete from testTableNew where id = 1;
Test :
hive>select * from testTableNew ;

By this point, you must be getting only 2 records on table testTableNew with id 2 and 3. Records with id 2 must have updated name.
If everything goes well without any error, your hive setup is up and running with transaction enabled for your experiment.

Hoping that tutorial helped you in hive set-up for transactional support. Stay tuned for more tutorial on Apache Hive.

For More , refer Hive+Transactions.

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